Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When the invadors come at our door, we lay down our arms and work the fields. "Just another simple worker" they think.

This got me thinking.. What if 'we' syndicate all the public trackers new content into one giant feed? And merge new releases, with different names, on different trackers using the filehashes? And drop the torrent-file and use just dht and pex?

The client would be the torrent search engine!

And thinking even deeper, uTorrent allready has a webserver, why not use it to serve a feed of whats being downloaded right now, and merge it with feeds the peer is reciewing? And every client downloading eachothers feeds..

Like one global, decentralised, tracker, dchub, whatever.. ¹

Where would the mafiaa strike then?

¹ Technically more like Gnutella/eDonkey/eMule but thats like the leader of the left party calling himself a communist. Even if true, not very bright

edit: I posted this idea on the utorrent messageboard, then removed this post written 2009-12-08 thinking it was stupid due to lack of appreciation on the messaageboard. I was wrong. Reposted.

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  1. No need to upload a torrent file somewhere, just create it in utorent and it will spread with your feed.
    And why not manually add your friends feeds? using some free dns for a static adress.